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Title: BlueBolts C-27J Spartam for DCS.
Post by: Shift on January 18, 2013, 12:25:25 pm
Hey guys. The VBBJT (VirtualBlueBoltsJetTeam) have announced their heavy aircraft. As well as flying 6 L-39C Albatros aircraft, they will also be flying a C-27J Spartan as #7 (Heavy). The model was made using the cylinder method for most parts and mesh smooth for the belly etc.

Things that need to be worked on:
Code/scripting for DCS Module
Ground Crew
Spinning propellers
Dust Covers
Virtual Cockpit.

P.S. Our L-39C has been put into a stand-alone model but the animations are not working and half the aircraft is under-ground and has no VC, please help me.