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Author Topic: XSplit Settings  (Read 3317 times)
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« on: November 12, 2013, 03:25:06 am »

Here are some basic settings for those who would like to use XSplit to stream their demos.  Again, you are responsible for your own XSplit licenses!

1. Download and install XSplit.  You will also need to register with an account.  (

2. Click "Broadcast", then go to "Add Channel".

3.  Select LiveStream and install the plugin.

4. Once you have installed the plugin, open up the LiveStream settings properties (usually indicated by a gear symbol).  The username and password will be your own LiveStream account user/pass.  The channel will be virtualairshows (for testing purposes, use your own channel!).

5. Ensure settings are comparative to what is below.  If you do not have at least a 3-4 Mbps upload speed, you will want to drop the bitrate and/or your resolution.  Remember to keep your resolution at a 16:9 aspect ratio.  Also note that the setting for saving a local recording is checked.  Doing this will ensure that your stream recording is saved and that last year's issues with streams not recording isn't repeated.

6. In the "hotkeys" section, make sure you set a hotkey for "Start/stop Livestream" and whatever channel you are using.

7. Start DCS/FC2 with this running in the background.  Once you are in game (not in the UI or loading screen), you will want to go to the bottom left of XSplit and click "Add", then "Game", and DCS/FC2 SHOULD show up in the list (this will require you to Alt-Tab).  If not, you will need to add a screen region and use the screen capture setting.  

Feel free to play around with the settings and find out what works best for you and share here.  Remember that the "Auto-Live" function is on and there is no way to stop the stream from going live.  We will have specific procedures for how we will cue the cameraman on show day.

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