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Author Topic: Camera man Checklist  (Read 4222 times)
Is airborne
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« on: October 06, 2010, 09:21:17 pm »

Camera Man, this is your check-list.

Please revisit as this could be updated frequently until and during VFAT Rehearsal week-end.

MSN, Skype, Ventrilo, TS and others: Mute every vocal or noisy announcement from any application, set TS and Ventrilo in "push to talk" mode
Windows playback volume:Everything at 50%
Windows recording volume:Everything at 50% except the microphone
Modman:Set it up for the current LO directory, close Modman, restart it
LO Mods:Added by Modman and tested
LO Graphic settings:Res: 1280*720, Windowed mode, Ratio: 1.78
LO Graphic settings:In file /config/graphics.cfg check near the end of the file that you have "MaxFPS = 25;" without the ""
At the biginning of the same file check the display mode:
   resolution = {1280, 720};
    bpp = 32;
   fullscreen = 0;
    aspect = 1.78;
       resolution = {1280, 720};
        bpp = 32;
       fullscreen = 0;
        aspect = 1.78;
       resolution = {1280, 720};
        bpp = 32;
       fullscreen = 0;
        aspect = 1.78;
Lock On Started:Started
LO Sound settings:Volume: 50%, Music: 0%, Radio: 50%, Engine: 50%, Mech: 50%, Effects: 50%, Wind: 20%, Warning: 50%, Cockpit: 90%
LO Network:Connect to the LO server, verify that textures and mods are OK
Winamp:Started with volume at 50% and with the proper musics ready to play
Windows:   Place all of your windows at the right of the LO window
Procaster:Procaster should be started and the transmittion of your feed should be confirmed by the head of streaming crew.
Windows recording volume:Keep that window in clear sight but not before or under that LO window
Last check:Last check with the team: verify the presence of each pilot/narrator/advisor/team member, verify that each person than needs to be heard by the audience will be heard by you, check the music and when to start/stop/change it, check the Winamp volume, check you're on the right airport, check your F11 camera position, check planes/skins/ mods looking as expected
Everything's ok?Then double check!
TS Record:Click on "Recording" then on "Start Recording", select where you want to record it.
Windows recording volume:Get that window and switch from "Microphone" selection to "What you hear" or "Wave" selection. You'll can't speak anymore via TS or Ventrilo!
SHOWTIME BABY!!!!Sit back, relax and do your cameraman job Wink
Showtime is off ?? Don't stop the procaster before advised. Don't forger to stop the TS recording. If you can, convert it to MP3 or OGG format.

Check your Procaster setting like those below.

Please note that the first page is mandatory !!!!

we could face several problems by using other settings.

Screeshot 6 shows where to select the correct channel if you are registered for more than 1 channel


If you think there is something missing please post here
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